5 Things In My ASOS Wishlist

Hi everyone, how are you all? Hope you’re doing well. For this blog post I thought I’d do something chilled and simple, if you’re anything like me and love online shopping but then you get to the checkout and realise you’re broke AF then you’ll know how I feel on this one, you transfer every item into the wish list and watch it all add up. I have to admit there’s a large number and I mean large number of items in my wishlist on the ASOS app, but Its the things what you want but do you really need it?? *inner voice screaming yes but bank account screaming no*

Anyways I picked out 5 Things from my wishlist that eventually I hope to purchase in the future so let’s get right into it…

Olivia Burton Bumble Bee Rose Gold Mesh Watch ~ £155                                                                                                                                                  

 Now I know I’m starting off a little Screenshot_20170919-165107on the pricey side, but look at this!! Olivia Burton has created some very gorgeous pieces and this one is a personal favourite of mine, It has been in my wish list for a good few months now as I just cant bring myself to spend this much on a watch no matter how pretty it is, the brand does have a few cheaper prices so I’d probably opt for one of them first  maybe.



  Tommy Hilfiger Medium Logo Zip Around Purse ~ £55                                                                                                                              

 Look how beautiful this little purse Is, Tommy Hilfiger is that brand that I think nearly everyone is in love with. The reason this is in my wish list is because I think it’s such a pretty little luxury that I can see myself purchasing in the future. It’s simple yet elegant design has really made me fall in love with it.

 Levi’s Shaping 310 Super Skinny Jean ~ £70                                                                    

I have to admit I’m not the biggest Jeans fan, in fact I can’t even remember the last time I wore jeans not gonna lie, I’m all about the thick tights with long dress tops or leggings. I basically live in leggings, but I have had my eye on these for a while now they look good and I definitely know the material will last well because of the brand name, I think with jeans you have to find a pair that is soft and comfortable for you to love them and these days that’s quite hard. If you have a pair of jeans you love or where is your favourite place to shop for them (preferably in the UK) please comment below and help a gal out.

ASOS Curve Boxy Hoodie ~ £22                                                                                        

      I think this hoodie is gorgeous, it’s simple and looks comfortable and it’s cheap as well which is a bonus, for me when winter comes I live in jumpers and hoodies as I think they’re some of the most comfortable things ever. Lately I’m loving dark green and khaki colours on jumpers and tops etc it’s a colour that I’ve recently found suits me quite well. And for £22 you can’t go wrong!                                                                                                                       20170922_153259                                                           Junarose Longline Knitted Jumper ~ £32  This isn’t something exciting but like I said before I do love my jumpers when it comes to autumn and winter time, it’s a simple design and looks extremely comfortable. Bit on the pricey side for a jumper so I’m not sure if I will actually purchase this.





Anyways, This time round I have to admit I feel like I’m enjoying these posts a bit more even though this is only the second one! So I guess that’s a good sign, hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time, don’t forget to give it a like and follow my page so you don’t miss the next post.

See you soon 🙂

Meghan x


  1. Katie Rose Loves · September 25, 2017

    Hey lovely! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out: https://katieroseloves.com/2017/09/26/yay-liebster-award-2/ x

    Liked by 1 person

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