Let’s have a chat…

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post! I do apologise for not posting these last few days I’ve been busy with personal things so, I did have a post scheduled to go up on Sunday evening but just my luck it somehow managed to disappear 😑 so I am very sorry about that. I have some post ideas which I’ll be doing over the next few weeks and then its my favourite time of the year… CHRISTMAS!! But for today I wanted to sit down have a little chat with you all as I don’t feel I have done this properly, so without further ado lets get into the post. 

The first thing I want to talk to you guys about is how frigging quick this year has gone 😱 I can’t believe that we’re in November already, when I was younger I used to wait all year round for Christmas and it seemed to go so slow but now I’m getting older I feel like you blink and the year has gone!! I went shopping a few weeks ago and walked into The Range *if you have one of those near you I reccomend going in they’re amazing* and the staff were starting to put the Christmas collection out and every time I see Christmas things in shops I always get excited. I think I get more excited now then what I did when I was a child if I’m being honest, I know we all love a bit of mulled wine at the Christmas markets don’t we? 😉 but seriously I feel like the end of the year you look back and realise time has went so quickly, a lot could have changed for some people and it does make you realise you shouldn’t hold back on things you want to do/say. I’ve been thinking about posting some gift guides from the end of this month as one thing I do love doing is searching for gifts to give my family and friends so I thought why not share my ideas with you guys? If that’s something you would like to see definitely let me know! 

Another thing I want to talk to you guys about is confidence yes that’s a scary word, well I think it is anyways. I think everyone has or had an issue with confidence some point in their life and its a big thing for some people to speak out about, it’s all good and well getting compliments and people telling you how great you’re doing but if you dont feel it and see it for yourself then nothing is going to seem to work right? Confidence can stop you doing so many things in life, even the smallest of things. Even though I post often, I still get nervous posting thinking that no one is going to read it or someone won’t like it but then I remember we all don’t like the same things and if we did it would be boring right? Sorry for the random bit in this post but I feel like I hardly see people speaking out about their confidence anymore and if people do then it might help others? I don’t know how to keep going on about this without rambling on 😂 if you guys want me to have more chatty subjects like this one I will try my hardest but remember I’m no agony aunt hahaha! 

Another thing I wanted to ask is if you would want more special fx posts? I know not everyone is interested in stuff like that but I had such a good response from the last post I did before Halloween, I was wanting to focus more on that side of things if that’s what you guys want? If not please tell me, like they wouldn’t be every week as they are extremely hard work to write the step by step guides but I know if you would read them I’d be willing to do more. It’s definitely something i would love to share more of with you all. 

Thank you for reading this post I do hope you’ve enjoyed it, sorry it’s so short and not really interesting I just wanted to update you all why I’ve been a bit absent and thought i would ask what you want from this blog, I’m going to be back to posting as normal from this weekend so make sure you’re all following so you get a notification next time I post! 

See you soon 😊 

Meghan x 

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