Real Techniques Brush Crush Review 

Hello! I’ve been wanting to post about these for quite some time now, and finally sitting here writing this I’m excited to share these with you. A few weeks back I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across these new brushes from Real Techniques. This is a brand by the twin sisters Sam and Nic Chapman who make up the YouTube channel Pixiwoo. Now I’ve been a fan of their brushes ever since I got into make up properly a few years back, they’re such good quality and quite a cheap price. They have lots of different sets that you can buy and they are the creators of the famous Complexion Sponge what every one loves! I’ll talk a little bit more about the other products further on but I’m bursting with excitement to tell you about these new brushes so I’m just going to get straight into it! The image I came across was this one 

And instantly I knew that I needed these in my collection, I mean anything with glitter has my attention right away. When I was finally able to draw my attention away from the glitter I realised this collection was limited edition which made me want them even more! On Superdrug there was an offer on ‘3 for 2’ which basically gets you a brush for free, I was able to get the 301 Foundation, 300 Powder and the 304 Fan Brush. When I opened the delivery I could not believe how luxurious these brushes felt, the bristles are so soft and the handles have a smooth texture almost like a gel coat over the glitter. 

The bristles also have an ombre shade of white and purple, and as you can see the foundation (far left) has a different colour wand and I believe the eye shadow one is also purple but I don’t have my hands on it. 

These retail from £9.99 – £12.99 So it’s roughly the same price you would pay for a standard brush from Real Techniques which for these being limited edition that’s an extremely good price! Here’s some individual photographs of the products below 





I’m not sure when these are on sale to in the future I’m guessing it’s just whilst stocks last? So if you are wanting some of these gorgeous brushes make sure you grab them quickly as I can’t see them being on shelves for much longer!! 

I did say earlier on that I would explain more about the brand and what products they have, I’m sure everyone’s heard of Real Techniques so I won’t ramble on too much, like I said this is a brand created by sisters Sam and Nic Chapman aka Pixiwoo 

These girls are a huge inspiration to me, and I was actually lucky enough to meet them both last year and have a good chat at beautycon London 2016. *ps apart from meeting some amazing people that day was a journey from hell and a day I do not want to relive- long story* I had won a competition what collection was running, you know them competitions what you think no one ever wins? Yeah it actually happened to me 😂 anyways my experience as to meeting these 2 was incredible, as I’ve mentioned briefly before I suffer from really bad anxiety so this whole situation would’ve been more amazing if the journey there went to plan but we all know the joys of public transport, Sam and Nic picked up on my emotions right away and were very kind and understanding, I also had VIP tickets so I was in a separate area from the general crowd which made it a bit easier I guess, they chatted to me about different things and were asking what kind of make up I’m into and then we took some pictures and stuff. The reason they’re not on the blog is because I don’t feel comfortable posting them when I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing sorry haha! I did meet a couple other youtubers so if you guys want a full explanation of that day let me know and I’ll try my best to get it done, when I look back now it’s hilarious but at the time it really wasn’t believe me 😂

Products from Real Techniques are my absolute favourite, especially because of the price and being a drugstore brand they are definitely worth the money. The range is huge and one of my favourite things is the sets which you can buy, where you get 4/5 brushes and in some there’s even the miracle complexion sponge and they range from £19.99 here in the UK. Make sure you check them out especially if you’re on the hunt for some new brushes!


And that’s it for this post today guys, I hope you have enjoyed it and if you have make sure you follow the blog so you get a post next time I post! I’m really enjoying this experience so far and I’ve met some really lovely people through this and found so many blogs where their content is amazing, here are my favourite 3 at the moment :

these girls put so much hard work and dedication into their posts so they’re definitely ones to check out! anyways It’s time to love and leave you, I’ll see you again with another post soon.

Meghan 🙂 x



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  2. Katie Rose Loves · November 12, 2017

    Absolutely brill post hun great writing! & thanks so much for the mention – I really appreciate it – you are one of my faves too :* mwah xxxx

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    Aw those are so beautiful! Love that sparkle xx

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