Make-Up Revolution Conceal & Define

Hello everyone! god, its been a while hasn’t it?! how are you all? I decided I want to share my opinions on the MakeUp Revolution Concealer which has been taking over a lot of my timeline and when I say a lot… I mean literally it’s everywhere! I think every beauty influencer I’m subscribed to on YouTube has dropped a video where they talk about this product, people from the likes of Sophdoesnails to Holly Boon and even the likes of Laura Lee have been raving about this concealer. So obviously I had to try this out for myself, and especially because it does not break the bank (I know we all love a bargain right?) this product costs only £4 and for the hype it was receiving I had high expectations.

First off, let me tell you… this concealer did NOT disappoint!! before I get into it too much let me give you some details on this product. As I mentioned before this costs only £4 and you get 3.4ml of product, which I know isn’t a lot but for the price, coverage and how long this wears you honestly cannot complain about it. And the best thing to come from this in my opinion is the shade range, I have never known a drugstore brand to come out with a new concealer or foundation and have 18 different shades!! which range from fair shades to deep shades, there really is something for everyone. Also they are meant to be launching a few more shades sometime in March I think? so definitely keep your eyes peeled as I believe the shades are going to be rounded up to 25. It honestly just keeps getting better and better!



The shades I have are C1 and C2 which are the 2 lightest shades of the collection, they are very similar in colour as you can see in the image below

The top shade is C1 and the shade below is C2 as you can see like I said earlier the colours are almost exactly alike but C1 is that little bit lighter. The coverage in my opinion is medium but definitely buildable, it gives you that coverage you need without looking cakey. Keep in mind it also feels so lightweight on the skin too.

The applicator is quite big and really handy, as this concealer is known to be a dupe for tarte shape tape the applicators literally look the same, as for the tarte concealer formula itself I can’t comment on that as it is something in which I haven’t tried , but seeing comparisons on YouTube I understand why it’s classed as a dupe.

The doe foot applicator is really handy and the packaging of the tube helps you dispense the right amount of product, there isn’t really a smell to the concealer which is also a bonus as you can sometimes find that there’s a weird smell with concealer, I don’t know if that’s just me or?😂 This also has great staying power, the longest I’ve worn it is around 12 hours and it’s barely moved which for a drugstore concealer is amazing!

So I think basically everyone has tried this product, if you have comment down below and let me know your thoughts on it. If you haven’t had a chance to try it out yourself it’s definitely worth picking up next time you’re in Superdrug  or you can order online at TAMBeauty . Let me remind you it’s only £4 as you can tell I love how cheap it is for such an amazing product. That’s it for this post I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, this is something I’ve been loving over the past couple weeks along with some other bits and pieces which I will be sharing with you all soon. So if that’s something you want to read make sure you have clicked that follow button so you get the notification when I next post!

see you soon,

Meghan 🙂

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