Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now, I have to admit I’m so nervous to post this one as it’s something I’m not 100% confident on but I didn’t want to keep putting it off so I thought, why the hell not?? Halloween is coming up and if you read my last post then you’ll know how much I love it, and special effects make up is definitely something I want to make a career out of. I first started getting into prosthetics back in secondary school when studying media (creative arts) and any way i could include the make up side of things I would. Also a few youtubers I like to watch who post videos on the special effects are Elliemacs, Goldiestarling, GlamAndGore. These girls are insanely talented at what they do I’ll leave the links to their channels and social media down below make sure you check them out. I do also apologize for my fat hands 😂

Okay so we’re going to get into the post but before we do I just want to remind you of the little disclaimer i did put at the start of this post, everything is make up and is FAKE. This is an illusion what makes it look like my fingers are missing from my hand, if you feel uneasy about gore and blood I do advise you skip this post but it’s entirely your choice. I am in no way shape or form a make up artist nor do I consider myself to be great, I’ve got a long way I need to go before I feel confident in my work but this is just a little fun for you guys and see how simple it is to create something gruesome for Halloween. 

Okay so first off you’re going to want to get all your essentials out to create your wound, you will need : 

  1. Liquid Latex 
  2. A foundation in your skin colour 
  3. Cotton wool balls 
  4. Black face paint or eyeshadow 
  5. Red/purple face paint or eyeshadows 
  6. Cotton String or any string you have
  7. Powder (translucent works best)
  8. Fake blood 
  9. Brushes – either small paint brushes which I tend to go for or some eyeshadow brushes.



STEP 1 PREP : grab some hand cream or any lotion make sure you moisturise those hands so it makes the removal process a bit easier later on. 

STEP 2Liquid Latexnow you can buy liquid latex from just about anywhere at this time of year. You can get it in little kits from ASDA like this one,default,pd.html or your local fancy dress shop.  The one I’m going to be using is from GRIMAS which is a stage and film make up company,LIQUID LATEX IS BASICALLY LIKE SUPERGLUE BUT FOR YOUR SKIN, first you’re going to want to grab a brush from one of your selections. Make a clenched fist with your hand and spread the liquid latex right across your knuckles so it looks like the picture below ⬇️

STEP 3 x MOULDING THE WOUND :  As soon as you have done this, you want to grab some cotton balls and stretch them out so it becomes in the shape of a line so we can place this over the latex. 

When you have stretched it out it should start to look something like this ⬇️

 Then you’re going to want to wait about 5 minutes to let this dry into the latex so it doesn’t move when we get into the next step.


STEP 4 x SETTING THE MOULD : Right, now the cotton wool should be secure your gonna go back to the liquid latex you have left and use one of your brushes to apply this around the edges to make sure it’s all stuck down, focus more on the back of your hand as this is where the main focus on blending needs to be. Also apply it over the top of the cotton wool to make a smooth base for us to apply the foundation on the next step. When you’ve completed this you should have something that looks like this ⬇️ (please ignore the red on the cotton wool there was still some cream paint that i couldn’t get off my brush from another make up I did before this one)

20171014_154049.jpg                 again you are going to want to wait around 10 minutes for this to dry. 


STEP 5 x MATCHING YOUR SKIN TONE : grab your foundation and pump some out onto a flat surface, you’re going to want to use about 4/5 pumps as this does sink into the cotton. Get your brush and cover the whole cotton area in the foundation also blending it into the back of your hand so there is no harsh lines. You are going to want to do this is small sections so you don’t use more than you need to. Then you should have something like this ⬇️ (also I know this looks orange, this is a random one I keep in my sfx kit because it’s a bit to dark for my day to day pale ass) 

Dust a little bit of powder either translucent or in your shade. Then it should be set and we are now ready to move on to the super fun part!! 


STEP 6 x SHADING THE WOUND : okay so for this part you’re going to need a deep red or purple shade and we are going to use this on the back of our hand by the wound so it looks like the skin is irritated, the product I’m going to be using is the Ben Nye Bruise Wheel 


I’m going to take the red colour on my brush and blend this around the edges to make it look irritated, after applying with the brush I used my other hand to rub the cream in to give it that more of a realistic look.       

This is what it’s looking like so far, 

You’re also going to want to add this on the front of your hand to create a shadow making the “missing fingers” seem more realistic when we complete the look. When you have done this, start to rip bits of the cotton wool on the front of your hand to give off that ripped skin effect and then go back to your dark red colours and shade in about 3/4 way up your fingers and get right into the wound areas with your brush making sure there is no gaps. 

Now you should have something like this ⬇️



STEP 7 x EXTRA DETAIL : for this step we are going to take our string and cut off a small amount about 5cm 

And cut it into 4 little pieces like I have in the image shown, this is just going to make it look more as though the fingers have been ripped off. Dot the one end of the string in some left over latex and just place them anywhere on the wound and 1 or 2 under a flap of ‘skin’ what will be ripped up from step 6. When placed on your wound go back to your dark red colours and paint over the string to make it blend in with the look. 


STEP 8 x BLOOD : Have you heard the term less is more? Keep this in mind as you place the blood along the front of the wound and onto the edges of the part we ripped up earlier on. Then take another brush and smear blood in small sections around the rest of the wound to make it have more affect.  


Now we’re here at the end of our creation, you should have something that looks like what I created below, over all this took me about 20 – 30 minutes. If your’s doesn’t look like this don’t worry, you can have your own spin on things and make it your own. I understand that some might not think this is good, compared to what you see online from other artists but like I said earlier I do not consider myself to be a “professional” I’ve never had any training in SFX make up it’s all self-taught, and watching a few tutorials on YouTube. This isn’t something I’m fully confident in yet but I’m aiming to be in the future, as like I said before this is something I want to make a career out of.



We have now reached the end of this post, I do hope you have enjoyed it and definitely let me know if you create your own of this or even any other Halloween make up if you guys are trying it out! If there is any other special fx make up looks you want to see do let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you guys. I want to say a huge thank you to the people who are following my blog posts, I know I’m a bit all over the place with them and sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not but I’m completely new to this whole blogging world but I’ll get there soon. As I promised earlier on I would leave the links to some of my favourite FX artists so definitely check them out here :



Make sure you head on over and check out their work, they are insanely talented!  I hope you’re all looking forward to Halloween coming up, whether you’re staying in and watching something spooky or going out to a party I hope you all have an amazing time and stay safe. I’ll see you again just before Halloween but I know most people will be going out celebrating this coming weekend, if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to follow me so you get a notification next time I post.

see you soon 🙂

Meghan x

Halloween Attractions I Want To Visit 🎃👻

Hi everyone welcome back! I cannot believe we are coming to the end of October already, this year has absolutely flew in. I’m not complaining though as October through till December are my most favourite months of the year. Halloween and Christmas are my favourite times of the year, I find it a bit of a shame that over here in the UK we don’t really celebrate Halloween as much as the USA don’t get me wrong we have some great places to visit and things but where I live there is literally nothing 😭 all I want is a good horror night and to be chased with a chainsaw, is that difficult thing to ask? Now I know you’ve probably just read that and thought “wtf is wrong with you” but trust me I  have a good explanation…i’m obsessed with special FX make up! The gore, guts and blood is what I’m all about when it comes to creating a chatacter. I’ve been a huge fan of special fx make up for a few years now and it all started back when I studied media (creative arts) in secondary school, whatever the topic was for my final piece I always found a way to include a little bit of make up into my work. I was actually thinking of doing a Fx tutorial here on my blog, basically a step by step but I’m not sure yet if that’s something you would want to see make sure you let me know!

But anyways as i was saying halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and something ive always wanted to do is visit a fright night or a scare maze, don’t get me wrong put me in cinema to watch a jumpy horror movie and I will shit my pants, I often do wonder what makes me want to attend one of  these fright nights but again I think it’s the whole character make up and adrenaline what gets me. Clowns are definitely a no go for me they’re creepy af and I’ve been petrified of them ever since I was about 6 and went to Disneyland Paris of all places!! And also horror movies involving dolls or children…absolutely not!! Besides that I wanted to share a couple places that really jump out (sorry for the pun, even though I know you laughed 😉) at me so let’s get right into it…


     The first place I want to talk about is universal studios horror nights, this is at the very top of places I want to visit even when it’s not Halloween because they have a life size Harry Potter area and the thought of that makes me so excited (I’m a huge potter head if you didn’t know) but yeah every year I see youtubers talking about this and I get so excited for their opening night vlogs, they always pull off a great event and have amazing things to check out including 9 haunted houses, live scare zones and shows. This year a few of the attractions they have is American Horror Story, Saw : The Games Of Jigsaw and The Purge. The horror nights run from September 15th – November 4th so you have plenty time to check things out, they do recommend that it’s not suitable for people under the age of 13. If you have a look at some videos of It on YouTube you’ll understand why. The effort that goes into this event is unreal, the one that grabs my attention the most is the purge nights they have, from what I’ve saw you get people in costumes running about with chainsaws and it’s all Smokey, don’t get me wrong I’d probably be shit scared if I was there but it would be a good laugh! 😂 so if you’re anywhere near universal studios this Halloween and looking for a good scare make sure to check this out!


Again Thorpe park is definitely a place I want to visit at any time of the year, but this is actually the main place I look forward to hearing what they’re pulling out the bag each year. This year’s main theme is The Walking Dead which is super exciting, personally I don’t watch the show but I have a few close friends who do and they praise it a lot. They have the live action horror mazes and a new ride which I believe opened earlier this year, and it’s all part of an illusion from the amazing Derren Brown. I’ve heard people talk about this and it’s definitely one that will mess with your head and if you’ve seen some of Derren’s work you will know what I mean. This is definitely somewhere I need to visit!! 

Tulleys Shocktober Fest ~ UK 

I always get so excited to see some of my favourite youtubers such as Zoella, Marcus Butler etc. Talk about this, they all go together as a big group and every year I want to join them 😂 again they have scare mazes and things but the hay ride I think it’s called? Looks insane every year, sitting on the back of a truck going round in the dark and live actors coming out from everywhere. If you do watch youtubers I’m sure their vlogs will be coming soon so definitely watch out for them. 

Now there isn’t much more I can say about Halloween events, in some ways they’re mostly the same but each place has their own unique style that makes it that bit different from the other if that makes sense. I get that some people might not like Halloween but for me it’s about creating characters and feeling the adrenaline rush through your body. Everything about Halloween makes me so excited and I do miss being a little kid going out trick or treating, these days I feel like kids don’t really do that anymore where I live I’m not sure if this is everywhere but I feel like it could be. I’m that person who’s thinking of their Halloween costume in February not gonna lie. Again I think it’s because of my love for prosthetics and special effects make up, I would give anything to be behind the scenes of these events and see everyone getting into their costumes and seeing their characters come to life. Let me know down below if you’ve been to one of these events or what your plans for this spooky season are. Next week I’m looking at posting a step by step guide for an easy special fx wound that you guys could maybe give a go, I’m nervous to post it but I’m hoping you will all like. 

That’s it for this week guys I’m sorry it wasn’t much, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did don’t forget to give it a like and follow my page so you don’t miss the next post! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all again next week.

Meghan x 

DHC Q10 Liquid Base Make Up And Face Colour Palette Review.

Hello everyone! welcome back to another blog post. I hope you’re doing well and had a great few days since I last posted, for today’s post I thought I would tell you guys about a couple of products I recently came across from the Japanese skin care brand DHC. Back in July I was very kindly gifted these incredible products by an amazing woman called Faye who is head of the hair and make up department on a TV show  here in the UK, when I was on set chatting with her she kindly gave me these products to bring home and try. When I see new make up and brands I’ve never tried before I’m like a kid in a toy shop…IN HEAVEN!! on the way home I was googling and searching trying to find reviews from other people and I was quite shocked that there was basically nothing came up, which makes me think that not many people have tried this brand? they also have a skin care range which I’m hoping to get my hands on a few things soon to try them out, after the results from the make up I have very high hopes. Anyways let’s get in to this review…

DHC Q10 BASE MAKE-UP ~ £25 20171006_185629.jpg

Now this for me is so far my holy grail product, I’m a huge fan of bare minerals complexion rescue and the Revlon colour stay but since the day I tried this I’ve picked it up every time I’ve gone to do my make up. Being pale skinned always makes me weary when I use new products (especially ones I’ve never heard of) but I use this in the shade Natural Ocher 00 which I’m guessing is the palest shade, and honestly I can say this is the best match I’ve had to my skin colour. Since the day I tried this I’ve never looked back! I can’t even remember the last time I used my other face products. When I searched online for this product I found that it said “To Be Discontinued” my heart literally sunk, so me being the obsessive person I am I went on a huge hunt to find some bottles of this (I haven’t run out yet but you can never be too sure right? 😉 ) and little did I know they have recently brought out a newer updated version of this, how it can be updated I don’t know because this is already I N C R E D I B L E trust me.

I found that the newer version of this was only available in the US so I’m going to wait and see if it comes to the UK any time soon. If you want to check out the newer version I’ll leave the link here

whilst searching i finally found a few remaining products on a website here in the uk which I am over the moon with!! i know for a foundation you might never have heard of it is a bit pricey but its worth every single penny you spend, not only does it do the job for coverage but this is packed with ingredients to improve your skin such as Collagen, Elastin etc. I’m not too sure how people with oily skin will find this as it is described more for dry skin types. The staying power of this is phenomenal, with me having the anxiety obviously there comes panic attacks which involves sweating so for me when looking for products I need something that claims to be longwearing and I didn’t really see this on the bottle but when I tried it along with my urban decay setting spray this did not move from my face at all, even by my glasses it hadn’t rubbed off and still looked as fresh as it did when I first put it on, which actually came as a shock to me because no matter what every other product seemed to come off where my glasses had been. The coverage is also amazing I suffer from a bit of redness on my cheeks and this covers it no bother and it feels so lightweight and natural and just gives you that fresh glow. if you live here in the UK you can purchase this product on the link up above, the only downside to this is there is only 3 shades which is actually a shame because I feel if there were to be more shades more people would be using this product, so hopefully they com out with more in the future! 



There isn’t much I can say about a blush, I think everyone knows that it helps give you that pop of colour back into your cheeks and just helps make your skin look more healthier and glowing. this for me isn’t my favourite blusher and unlike the foundation this isn’t something I reach for every day, I feel the colour has to be built up for it to actually look okay but it is great for that every day casual no make up look, and again it’s full of great ingredients for the skin. For me my absolute favourite is the NYX baked blushes which I will probably talk about in another post, but I can’t see myself purchasing this blush in the future. again I could not find this anywhere on sale but I do know they have other blushes available so check them out here


And that’s it for today’s post guys! I hope you have enjoyed it I do apologise for it being short. I’m so glad that I’ve come across this brand because it’s now one of my favourites and hopefully in the future I’ll try out more of their products and skin care range. What makes this brand more interesting for me is the face that everything they create is full of things that help nourish your skin and improve appearance of that natural glow. If you have enjoyed this post please don’t forget to give it a like and follow my blog so you get a notification next time I post, the next few weeks I’m going to be posting Halloween things so make sure you stay tuned! leave a comment below if you have tried any of the DHC products and let me know your thoughts on them.

Also before I do sign out I just want to leave a link here for a friend of mine who recently started YouTube and can I just say he is doing incredible, he uploads daily and it would mean a lot if you guys could go over and check his channel out, subscribe and like to his videos. The link to the channel is and it’s definitely worth subscribing too!

Thank you guys for reading and I’ll see you again soon with another blog post,

Meghan x


The Body Shop Favourite’s

Hi everyone welcome back to another blog post, for this weeks post I’m going to talk about some products from one of my favourite shops ever…The Body Shop. This is one of my most favourite places ever to shop at, they’re cruelty free and use all natural products. They also have a manifesto “Enrich Not Exploit” which includes 14 targets for themselves which they want to achieve by 2020, I’ll leave a link below if you would like to read up more about it. I’ve been a huge fan of their products ever since I tried one of their lip balms about 10 years ago! I still remember my 8 year old self walking into a store full of glorious smells and wanting to buy everything in front of me. I did start to write a list of different products I could talk to you guys about but, I realised I had nearly a full page of A4 paper filled and I was nowhere near finished (oops) I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed. Anyways grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and I hope you enjoy this post!

  • Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm – Strawberry  ~ £2.50                       

                                                                                  Now I know this isn’t on the photo of my products above, but I couldn’t not talk about it, after all this little pot is what set off my obsession! I have tried so many balms over the years no matter what I always end up purchasing a lip balm wherever I am, can you really ever have enough?? This pot of joy smells delicious, it smells so good that I could eat it! Even when I have applied it I can be sat smelling the tub for a while after as it smells that good…REALLY!!  These lip balms also come in a variety of flavours such as raspberry, watermelon etc. Check them out here                                                               


  • Coconut Shimmer Body Butter ~ £15 20170926_172649.jpg(?)

Unfortunately I do have reason to believe that this product has been discontinued *boo’s very loudly* but I was very lucky to receive this from a friend as part of a hamper I got given for my birthday. I remember having this a couple years ago and when I went to restock I could not for the life of me find it anywhere, so when I opened my gift and found this little gem I was over the moon. I know you’re probably thinking I must be mad being this excited by a moisturiser, but what makes it that bit more exciting is the shimmer…yes shimmer! (not that tacky shimmer cream you used to buy when you were little) this is gorgeous, it has a pearlescent sheen to it and gives your skin that subtle glow when you use it. It looks especially great in the summer, and the smell is divine. I’m not exactly sure on the price but I know their other large body butter tubs are around the £15 price range, its such a shame its been discontinued hopefully it’ll come back one day!


i have put both of these products together as i feel  they work best for me when I use them together. It’s not something great to talk about, but i get quite bad dry skin on my feet and its so annoying to keep on top of.  But ever since I purchased these items and got into the routine of exfoliating and then moisturising, I have to admit my feet are starting to look and feel so much better, I’ve only been using these for a few months so I’m looking forward to seeing if they still do the job in these upcoming winter months.


  • Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ~ £10        




when I first heard about cleansing butters I was a little bit sceptical of the whole thing but I have to say when I finally got round to trying one for myself it actually worked really well, I tend to go for products I know won’t irritate my skin and make it all red and blergh! I’m sure you know what I mean, but yeah this is great if you also suffer from sensitive skin. its very soothing and the scent when you open the tin is very refreshing. I use this after I’ve taken off my make up to just help my skin feel better and make sure all of the make up is gone and I have a fresh face, I’ve also heard a few youtubers talk about using this to clean make up brushes so I might have to give it a go, if you’ve tried using it to clean brushes leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out for you! mean while if you’re wanting to purchase this do check it out here              


  • Virgin Mojito Shower Gel ~ £ (?)           20170926_172515-e15068056467051.jpg   

for some reason I cant find this range anymore on the website anymore so again I think this product may be discontinued? I’m not sure on the price but it think it will be around the £5-£8 range? there’s not much I can really tell you guys about a shower gel but the body shop ones never fail to impress me. They don’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry they’re always moisturising and the scents are to die for!!  





This for me is something quick and easy that you can spray on or under make up if you’re running out the door or you forget to moisturise. its really refreshing and hydrating and claims to work on all skin types, I cant say if it does that as I do only suffer from mostly dry skin but it holds up well on my sensitive skin and doesn’t make me itchy or my redness come out so that’s a plus. Also for you *lazy* guys and gals out there its also great for wetting your beauty blender if the bathroom is too far away 😉 if you’d like to check this out here is the link


   If you’re pale skinned like myself, this bronzer is exactly what you’re looking for! I first tried this about 2 years ago and there was only 2 shades out then but now I believe they have 5 shades!! yes 5 how crazy is that! the shade I use is 01 but no matter your skin colour you could pull these bronzers off. be sure to check them out



  • Body Shop Beauty Sponge    20170926_172515-e1506805646705

Once again I do apologise as I couldn’t find this on the website, but I have got a couple of these sponges which I always keep in my make up bag as the shape of them (kind of like a parallelogram) is very handy to set under eye concealer with my RCMA No Colour Loose Powder, I don’t like to use them to blend out concealer and things as they’re a bit to solid if that makes sense like they’re not very flexible.




As I said earlier on The Body Shop have there manifesto “Enrich Not Exploit”  and I did promise to leave a link for you to check it out so I’d give it a read its definitely worth it. They also have a petition currently running which is for Against Animal Testing as you know The Body Shop is all natural which is excellent and I think more brands needs to follow in their footsteps, please make sure to go sign it here and comment down below to let me know when you’ve done it. Another thing I need to tell you guys that I love about this shop is they always have great offers on, whether it be spend £50 and get £25 off or a % off its always worth the while as the products are such great quality so make sure you head on over to the website to check out these awesome deals! Another awesome thing is they actually run a membership club where you can earn points, get freebies and other amazing deals The Body Shop claims “For every £1 you spend in store or online, the scheme gives you 10 points. Those 10 points are the equivalent of 10p towards your next voucher. When you have 500 points you’ll receive a £5 voucher!” you also receive a special gift in your birthday month which you can retrieve in any The Body Shop stores! check out their membership club here

Anyways guys I’m going to bring this post to an end as I’ve rambled on enough now and if I keep writing we will both be here forever! haha, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have don’t forget to give it a like and follow me so you get notified next time I post 🙂 leave me a comment below if you have some of The Body Shop favourites and what you liked best or would like to try. Enjoy the coming week and ill see you all again soon.

Meghan X

5 Things In My ASOS Wishlist

Hi everyone, how are you all? Hope you’re doing well. For this blog post I thought I’d do something chilled and simple, if you’re anything like me and love online shopping but then you get to the checkout and realise you’re broke AF then you’ll know how I feel on this one, you transfer every item into the wish list and watch it all add up. I have to admit there’s a large number and I mean large number of items in my wishlist on the ASOS app, but Its the things what you want but do you really need it?? *inner voice screaming yes but bank account screaming no*

Anyways I picked out 5 Things from my wishlist that eventually I hope to purchase in the future so let’s get right into it…

Olivia Burton Bumble Bee Rose Gold Mesh Watch ~ £155                                                                                                                                                  

 Now I know I’m starting off a little Screenshot_20170919-165107on the pricey side, but look at this!! Olivia Burton has created some very gorgeous pieces and this one is a personal favourite of mine, It has been in my wish list for a good few months now as I just cant bring myself to spend this much on a watch no matter how pretty it is, the brand does have a few cheaper prices so I’d probably opt for one of them first  maybe.



  Tommy Hilfiger Medium Logo Zip Around Purse ~ £55                                                                                                                              

 Look how beautiful this little purse Is, Tommy Hilfiger is that brand that I think nearly everyone is in love with. The reason this is in my wish list is because I think it’s such a pretty little luxury that I can see myself purchasing in the future. It’s simple yet elegant design has really made me fall in love with it.

 Levi’s Shaping 310 Super Skinny Jean ~ £70                                                                    

I have to admit I’m not the biggest Jeans fan, in fact I can’t even remember the last time I wore jeans not gonna lie, I’m all about the thick tights with long dress tops or leggings. I basically live in leggings, but I have had my eye on these for a while now they look good and I definitely know the material will last well because of the brand name, I think with jeans you have to find a pair that is soft and comfortable for you to love them and these days that’s quite hard. If you have a pair of jeans you love or where is your favourite place to shop for them (preferably in the UK) please comment below and help a gal out.

ASOS Curve Boxy Hoodie ~ £22                                                                                        

      I think this hoodie is gorgeous, it’s simple and looks comfortable and it’s cheap as well which is a bonus, for me when winter comes I live in jumpers and hoodies as I think they’re some of the most comfortable things ever. Lately I’m loving dark green and khaki colours on jumpers and tops etc it’s a colour that I’ve recently found suits me quite well. And for £22 you can’t go wrong!                                                                                                                       20170922_153259                                                           Junarose Longline Knitted Jumper ~ £32  This isn’t something exciting but like I said before I do love my jumpers when it comes to autumn and winter time, it’s a simple design and looks extremely comfortable. Bit on the pricey side for a jumper so I’m not sure if I will actually purchase this.





Anyways, This time round I have to admit I feel like I’m enjoying these posts a bit more even though this is only the second one! So I guess that’s a good sign, hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time, don’t forget to give it a like and follow my page so you don’t miss the next post.

See you soon 🙂

Meghan x

The Beginning…


I’m very excited to be writing this first blogpost on my new page, about a year ago I did sit down and start a blog which didn’t work out hence this new one, I feel like when I started the other I didn’t have that motivation to do the posts and if I’m being completely honest I forgot it was there most of the time. I’m not going to go into to much detail as to why I didn’t enjoy the previous page, but I’m hoping this time round I can actually stick to this one as I am planning to put a lot of time and dedication into it.

The main reason the previous blog didn’t work out was simply because as I just said I didn’t have the motivation, and that comes down to my anxiety. Its not something that I want to talk a lot about because you never know who is actually reading this on the other side of the screen and I’m a very private person when It comes to personal issues, maybe in the future I will find that confidence to post about it in depth but for now I’m doing this blog to just focus on writing to the world about things I love.

So things that I’m looking into posting about is Make-Up,  DIY, Product Reviews, your basic blogger things I guess, I’m not sure if there will be a new post every week I think for a while they will be all over the place, if you do have any ideas of what you would like to see from me please get in touch in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. If you’re reading this I just want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to read (probably) one of the most boring blog posts you’ve ever read haha! I hope you do come back and read the next one.

see you soon,

Meghan x