10 Beauty Gifts Under £30 

Hello everyone, it’s the time of the year where we sometimes get a little bit stuck on what to buy people for Christmas. So I thought I would maybe help by suggesting some gifts for the beauty lover in your life, I think you can never go wrong with a gift set and there is so many good ones out there for great prices. I looked about online and picked out 10 products that stood out to myself that I think would make a great gift, whether that be for a friend or family member or even yourself 😉 I know it can be difficult to pick something that’s great quality but also to not have a large price tag, so I did my best to budget up to £30 and pick things that were below this amount. Let’s get right into it…



                  Smashbox Try It Kit : Bestsellers  – £22


IMAGE : boots.com

The first thing I came across was this Smashbox set on the boots website (http://www.boots.com/smashbox-try-it-kit-bestsellers-10236630) and straight away I saw 2 products in this what I absolutely love and that is the mascara and primer, In this kit you get 5 things which include :

  • Photo Finish Foundation Primer – 7.1ml
  • Be Legendary Cream Lipstick – Primrose (Mauve Pink) 2.4g
  • 24 Hour Shadow Primer – 4ml
  • Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner – Raven (FULL SIZE)
  • Full Exposure Mascara – 4ml

so they are travel size products, for example the Photo finish foundation primer on its own (travel size) is £13 and the Full exposure mascara (travel size) is £5 and keep in mind that you’re also receiving a  FULL SIZE Kohl Liner which is worth £18 on it’s own, plus the lipstick and the eyeshadow primer for just £22 is an absolute bargain. You get a range of different things to test out, I have the Photo finish primer what is amazing and such good quality, a little pea sized amount covers the full face and smooth’s everything out. I also have the Full Exposure Mascara that personally isn’t one of the ones I grab all the time but when I do I realise why I love it so much, it’s not waterproof but I promise you it does not move all and its so easy to take off when removing make up.  I find that travel size things always seem to last a while as well. This is so good I might even pick it up for myself! haha. The link is above if you want to check it out.


                                 Face By Pixiwoo – £20


IMAGE : boots.com

I have this book myself, it was actually a gift I received last Christmas and if you love make up or just getting into it this is definitely something that would benefit yourself or the person you are buying for. This has a range of different things from tips and tricks to easy follow guides and tutorials, if you read one of my previous posts where I did a review on the Real Techniques Brushes you will understand how much respect I have for both Sam & Nic. The products they create are extremely good quality and not only that they are super affordable. This book is a must have for anyone entering the industry or simply just loves make up! they also have a YouTube channel which you can check out here  https://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo/  where they upload regularly, for £20 you are getting a lot of information that could help you clean up your skills or learn the ‘go-to’ tricks and tips to gain confidence within the industry. You can pick it up here http://www.boots.com/face-by-pixiwoo-10223973

Benefit ‘The Complexionista Palette’ LIMITED EDITION – £26.50


IMAGE : Debenhams.com

This is a limited edition product which includes boi-ing industrial strength concealer, hoola lite and original hoola, dandelion twinkle and watt s up! highlighter. All in all this seems a great gift, the hoola bronzers are highly recommended and I seriously need to purchase myself some of it at some point, you get a selection of different products in this cute little palette and it is currently on offer in Debenhams for £21.20 so if you know someone who would like this I’d definitely pick it up whilst it’s on offer to save a few pounds and grab a bargain! you can check It out here http://www.debenhams.com/beauty/benefit

   NYX Professional Makeup ‘#GlitterGoals’ Glitter Kit                                                      – £15


IMAGE : cultbeauty.co.uk

I’ve included this because in my opinion you can never go wrong with a bit of glitter, am I right? in this kit you get NYX Glitter Glue (travel size) and 3 shades of glitter (Gold, Copper and Ruby Hues) all for £15 which is amazing! Everyone loves a bit of glitter and especially round about the party season it’s an absolute must have, the glitter pigments from NYX are insanely good so this is something you could pick up this Christmas, the link is https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/nyx-professional-makeup-glittergoals-kit.html if you want to check it out.

Laura Geller ‘The Hollywood Glam Set’ 4 Piece  Collection – £17


IMAGE : feelunique.com

I saw this on feel unique and instantly fell in love, I literally want to put that highlighter all over my face! You get 4 products in this set which includes:

  • Primer
  • Eyeliner
  • Liquid Lip Colour
  • Highlight

and in total everything in this is worth £56 !!! how amazing is that? and it’s also super affordable. The highlight from Laura Geller is supposed to be incredible and is very hyped about so the fact that this is included makes it even better, the colours will suit near enough any skin tone so it would make that perfect gift for someone this Christmas.



                           YSL Luxurious Gift Set – £25.50


IMAGE : feelunique.com

Personally I think this is a super luxurious gift at such an affordable price!  Included in this is the iconic YSL Luxurious Mascara, a Mini Eyeliner and a little Mini Top Secret Eye Make Up Remover (8ml)

Whenever I walk past the YSL stand the products always look so elegant and classy, the packaging is always amazing too. I think this is a gorgeous idea for that special person close to you heart who deserves a little luxury under their tree this Christmas http://www.feelunique.com/p/Yves-Saint-Laurent-Luxurious-Mascara-and-Top-Secret-Gift-Set

     Real Techniques Flawless Base Makeup Brush Set                                                    – £19.99


IMAGE : superdrug.com

you can never go wrong with some make up brushes, they’re made for everyone to use and the bonus of this is you get a storage cup with the brushes! included in this set is Contour Brush, Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush (one of my personal faves) and the Square Foundation Brush. 

No matter how many brushes you own I personally don’t think you can ever have enough, they always come in handy so even if you didn’t buy these ones any brushes are always a great gift for the make up lover! *these are currently on sale in Superdrug for £14.99*   https://www.superdrug.com/Real-Techniques/Real-Techniques-Flawless-Base-Makeup-Brush-Set/p/726244 



                    Sleek ‘Bring On The Night’ Set – £30


IMAGE : Boots.com

One of these products was included in my last blogpost  ‘3 Beauty Products You Need This Party Season🎄💄‘ so if you want to know what that was make sure to check it out when you’ve finished this post 😉 In this gift set you receive FULL SIZE products which are :

  • i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – Vintage Romance
  • Highlighting Palette  – Solstice
  • Blush by 3 Palette Lace

I actually have all these products and I promise you they are amazing!! the pigment on all products is unbelievable, there’s some gorgeous shades in all palette’s to suit different skin tones I also absolutely love the packaging on Sleek‘s products it feels really luxurious and something high end. I know there’s an offer on in superdrug at the moment where it’s £2 for £12 and you get a mini gift included, but this gift set isn’t included and is only on the boots.com website so either way you are still grabbing a great gift! http://www.boots.com/sleek-makeup-bring-on-the-night–10232615



BareMinerals – ‘Go Nude or Make a Statement’ Lipsticks – £30


IMAGE : Debenhams.com

BareMinerals is a brand I love so when I came across this gift set I knew I had to include it, everyone loves a lipstick and in the set you get 8 Mini different shades which are:

  • Mini Gen Nude™’ Xox lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Gen Nude™’ kitty lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Gen Nude™’ love lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Gen Nude™’ mantra lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ tease luxe-shine lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ alpha luxe-shine lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ luxe-shine seriously red lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ luxe-shine NSFW lipstick 1.3g

There’s shades ranging from deep berry tones to pinky nude ones, so if there is a lipstick lover in your life I’m sure they would appreciate this gift for Christmas. This is currently on offer here http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_156035001399_-1

for £25.50 so if you are looking to buy this make sure you grab it soon and save some money! 🙂


Pixi By Petra Skintreat Duo (Glow Tonic & Glow Mud Cleanser) – £28


IMAGE : cultbeauty.co.uk

Last but not least we have this gorgeous skin care duo from Pixi, the glow tonic is definitely something I’ve wanted to try for quite a while now and is actually on my Christmas list this year! The Glow Tonic claims to ‘Dissolve dead skin cells and reveal the radiance beneath’ along side this, the Glow Mud Cleanser claims ‘melt the ‘glue’ that binds dulling dead cells and debris to the skin’s surface’ so it’s a nice little gift for someone who loves skin care or loves looking after the skin in general, we all should to be honest guys 😉 haha! you can no doubt find some great reviews of these products on YouTube just give it a search and you will find so many popping up! if you wanna have a little look at it for yourself here is the link https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/pixi-skintreat-duo-glow-tonic-glow-mud-cleanser.html


And that is the end of the post guys 😦 I do hope you’ve enjoyed it I tried to put so much effort into it and share some really good ideas I found. I understand that for some people £30 is a little pricey so I have a cheaper but still amazing gift guide coming up on Sunday for you all, so make sure you’re following so you get that notification when it goes live. If you have done a gift guide on your blog I’d love for you to leave a link below so I can check it out and see what great things other people have found 🙂 have you tried any of these products? if so what is your opinion on them, do you think you would buy any of these for someone else? leave a comment below with your thoughts!

see you soon,

Meghan x





3 Beauty Products You Need This Party Season🎄💄

Hello everyone!! Welcome back once again to another blog post hope you’re enjoying December so far, for today’s post I wanted to share a few products that have become some of my favourtie things in my make up collection over time. There’s 2 which have been there for a while but then the other I’m going to be talking about is something that’s just recently been added to my list. As it is the season of giving I’m all about that “treat yo self girl” so if I was you I’d buy yourself a present after all we’ve got to have a treat at some point right? So without me rambling on lets get right into it…

The first thing I want to speak about is this Kat Von D – Shade And Light Contour Pallet I know this is a little pricey but it’s worth the extra for the quality of this.

This retails for £37 so when I say treat yourself this really is a treat haha! The pigment on this is incredible and a little goes a long way. You get 3 highlight shades and 3 contour colours, I believe there’s also a cream version but I’m not a huge fan of cream products hence I bought this one.

 As you can see above on the top row we have 3 matte highlight shades and from left to right the shades are levitation which is more of a pink undertone colour, we then have lyric which is inbetween shades of yellow and transparent I wanna say, then the last of the 3 is lucid which is a shade for darker skin tones and more on the peachy side of colours.

Underneath we have the 3 contour shades and from left to right once again we have subcontious which is has a cool undertone, then there’s the shade shadowplay which is a gorgeous bronze colour and would work amazing on any skin tone, last but not least we have sombre which is a contour shade for darker skin tones. The shades in this pallet i use are lyric to give me a base of matte highlight ready for the shimmer highlight later on, I then use subcontious to contour, and to finish off I bronze with shadowplay. Now I cannot praise this pallet enough, when I first bought it back in June and then I used it I was really surprised at how pigmented it was and how much little product you need to complete your look, these powders are literally like butter they just melt into the skin and blend effortlessly.


The next product which is a must have for all year round! is what I have wanted to try for so long and I finally got my hands on it a few weeks back and that is the Sleek – Solstice Palette and considering this is only £9.99 its an absolute bargain! So in this we get 2 baked powders, one luxurious cream formula and one silky shimmer powder. 


This packaging is insane!!😍 it closes on a magnetic clip and it feels so luxurious for a drugstore brand they really have amazing packaging. I recently tried out some sleek eyeshadows as well so no doubt they’ll be a little review coming up at some point, the highlight is absolutely stunning and blinding!! 20171201_125631.jpg

My favourtie shade in the palette is the bottom shade on the image below, it gives you a nice champagne colour and would work amazing on any skin tones. 20171201_125718.jpg


Last but not least something that my look would not be complete without it is the Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray 

Now if you’ve been here a while and read my other posts you’ll know how much I rave about this product and how much i tell you guys that if you’re going to buy a high end product that is worth all of the money this is the one! I’ve been using this setting spray for about 2 years now and I’ve tried other sprays and none of them work like this one I promise you, this costs £23.50 so it’s pricey but not going to break the bank. It’s super refreshing and make up does not move at all this is the one thing I absolutely cannot do my make up without.



That’s all I have for you in this post I do hope you’ve enjoyed it, I seriously cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner its came so quickly and I’m super excited for it, what are you all thinking of the Christmas make over on here? Are you liking it or is there anything you would change or do better? I’ll take ideas so don’t be worried to let me know your true thoughts 😂 over the next couple weeks I’ve got some gift guides to come out I’m going to try posting on Wednesdays and Sunday’s whilst on the lead up until Christmas as I just have so much to share with you all. But for now I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post if you have don’t forget to give it a like and follow my page so you don’t miss the next post!!

See you all soon,

Meghan 😊 x