Make-Up Revolution Conceal & Define

Hello everyone! god, its been a while hasn’t it?! how are you all? I decided I want to share my opinions on the MakeUp Revolution Concealer which has been taking over a lot of my timeline and when I say a lot… I mean literally it’s everywhere! I think every beauty influencer I’m subscribed to on YouTube has dropped a video where they talk about this product, people from the likes of Sophdoesnails to Holly Boon and even the likes of Laura Lee have been raving about this concealer. So obviously I had to try this out for myself, and especially because it does not break the bank (I know we all love a bargain right?) this product costs only £4 and for the hype it was receiving I had high expectations.

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Well, it’s been a while! I have kinda been a bit awol from the blogging world and i’m not gonna lie it’s simply because I just lost the motivation in writing posts, I got stuck on what to write and just lost track of time. But now I’ve decided to give it another go! The past couple months have been a bit hectic but I’m going to try to find time each week to sit and write a blog post.

So I want to start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉 January went so slow and now it’s the end of February?! Time is going by so bloody quickly right?? I have a few things coming up this year which I’m rather excited for, March is going to be an amazing month but I’m not going to say to much as I’m thinking of putting it all into a blog post when the day comes so I can share my experience with you guys, I’ve gotten a few new beauty products since I last posted so I’m gonna post some reviews of them and share my thoughts with you all.

Again, I do apologise for not posting as much as I could have but I’m going to try change that and post regularly! I hope you guys are looking forward to new posts, don’t forget to click that follow button so you get a notification when I post!

see you soon!

Meghan 🙂 x


10 Beauty Gifts Under £30 

Hello everyone, it’s the time of the year where we sometimes get a little bit stuck on what to buy people for Christmas. So I thought I would maybe help by suggesting some gifts for the beauty lover in your life, I think you can never go wrong with a gift set and there is so many good ones out there for great prices. I looked about online and picked out 10 products that stood out to myself that I think would make a great gift, whether that be for a friend or family member or even yourself 😉 I know it can be difficult to pick something that’s great quality but also to not have a large price tag, so I did my best to budget up to £30 and pick things that were below this amount. Let’s get right into it…



                  Smashbox Try It Kit : Bestsellers  – £22



The first thing I came across was this Smashbox set on the boots website ( and straight away I saw 2 products in this what I absolutely love and that is the mascara and primer, In this kit you get 5 things which include :

  • Photo Finish Foundation Primer – 7.1ml
  • Be Legendary Cream Lipstick – Primrose (Mauve Pink) 2.4g
  • 24 Hour Shadow Primer – 4ml
  • Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner – Raven (FULL SIZE)
  • Full Exposure Mascara – 4ml

so they are travel size products, for example the Photo finish foundation primer on its own (travel size) is £13 and the Full exposure mascara (travel size) is £5 and keep in mind that you’re also receiving a  FULL SIZE Kohl Liner which is worth £18 on it’s own, plus the lipstick and the eyeshadow primer for just £22 is an absolute bargain. You get a range of different things to test out, I have the Photo finish primer what is amazing and such good quality, a little pea sized amount covers the full face and smooth’s everything out. I also have the Full Exposure Mascara that personally isn’t one of the ones I grab all the time but when I do I realise why I love it so much, it’s not waterproof but I promise you it does not move all and its so easy to take off when removing make up.  I find that travel size things always seem to last a while as well. This is so good I might even pick it up for myself! haha. The link is above if you want to check it out.


                                 Face By Pixiwoo – £20



I have this book myself, it was actually a gift I received last Christmas and if you love make up or just getting into it this is definitely something that would benefit yourself or the person you are buying for. This has a range of different things from tips and tricks to easy follow guides and tutorials, if you read one of my previous posts where I did a review on the Real Techniques Brushes you will understand how much respect I have for both Sam & Nic. The products they create are extremely good quality and not only that they are super affordable. This book is a must have for anyone entering the industry or simply just loves make up! they also have a YouTube channel which you can check out here  where they upload regularly, for £20 you are getting a lot of information that could help you clean up your skills or learn the ‘go-to’ tricks and tips to gain confidence within the industry. You can pick it up here

Benefit ‘The Complexionista Palette’ LIMITED EDITION – £26.50



This is a limited edition product which includes boi-ing industrial strength concealer, hoola lite and original hoola, dandelion twinkle and watt s up! highlighter. All in all this seems a great gift, the hoola bronzers are highly recommended and I seriously need to purchase myself some of it at some point, you get a selection of different products in this cute little palette and it is currently on offer in Debenhams for £21.20 so if you know someone who would like this I’d definitely pick it up whilst it’s on offer to save a few pounds and grab a bargain! you can check It out here

   NYX Professional Makeup ‘#GlitterGoals’ Glitter Kit                                                      – £15



I’ve included this because in my opinion you can never go wrong with a bit of glitter, am I right? in this kit you get NYX Glitter Glue (travel size) and 3 shades of glitter (Gold, Copper and Ruby Hues) all for £15 which is amazing! Everyone loves a bit of glitter and especially round about the party season it’s an absolute must have, the glitter pigments from NYX are insanely good so this is something you could pick up this Christmas, the link is if you want to check it out.

Laura Geller ‘The Hollywood Glam Set’ 4 Piece  Collection – £17



I saw this on feel unique and instantly fell in love, I literally want to put that highlighter all over my face! You get 4 products in this set which includes:

  • Primer
  • Eyeliner
  • Liquid Lip Colour
  • Highlight

and in total everything in this is worth £56 !!! how amazing is that? and it’s also super affordable. The highlight from Laura Geller is supposed to be incredible and is very hyped about so the fact that this is included makes it even better, the colours will suit near enough any skin tone so it would make that perfect gift for someone this Christmas.


                           YSL Luxurious Gift Set – £25.50



Personally I think this is a super luxurious gift at such an affordable price!  Included in this is the iconic YSL Luxurious Mascara, a Mini Eyeliner and a little Mini Top Secret Eye Make Up Remover (8ml)

Whenever I walk past the YSL stand the products always look so elegant and classy, the packaging is always amazing too. I think this is a gorgeous idea for that special person close to you heart who deserves a little luxury under their tree this Christmas

     Real Techniques Flawless Base Makeup Brush Set                                                    – £19.99



you can never go wrong with some make up brushes, they’re made for everyone to use and the bonus of this is you get a storage cup with the brushes! included in this set is Contour Brush, Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush (one of my personal faves) and the Square Foundation Brush. 

No matter how many brushes you own I personally don’t think you can ever have enough, they always come in handy so even if you didn’t buy these ones any brushes are always a great gift for the make up lover! *these are currently on sale in Superdrug for £14.99* 



                    Sleek ‘Bring On The Night’ Set – £30



One of these products was included in my last blogpost  ‘3 Beauty Products You Need This Party Season🎄💄‘ so if you want to know what that was make sure to check it out when you’ve finished this post 😉 In this gift set you receive FULL SIZE products which are :

  • i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – Vintage Romance
  • Highlighting Palette  – Solstice
  • Blush by 3 Palette Lace

I actually have all these products and I promise you they are amazing!! the pigment on all products is unbelievable, there’s some gorgeous shades in all palette’s to suit different skin tones I also absolutely love the packaging on Sleek‘s products it feels really luxurious and something high end. I know there’s an offer on in superdrug at the moment where it’s £2 for £12 and you get a mini gift included, but this gift set isn’t included and is only on the website so either way you are still grabbing a great gift!–10232615



BareMinerals – ‘Go Nude or Make a Statement’ Lipsticks – £30



BareMinerals is a brand I love so when I came across this gift set I knew I had to include it, everyone loves a lipstick and in the set you get 8 Mini different shades which are:

  • Mini Gen Nude™’ Xox lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Gen Nude™’ kitty lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Gen Nude™’ love lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Gen Nude™’ mantra lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ tease luxe-shine lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ alpha luxe-shine lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ luxe-shine seriously red lipstick 1.3g
  • ‘Mini Statement’ luxe-shine NSFW lipstick 1.3g

There’s shades ranging from deep berry tones to pinky nude ones, so if there is a lipstick lover in your life I’m sure they would appreciate this gift for Christmas. This is currently on offer here

for £25.50 so if you are looking to buy this make sure you grab it soon and save some money! 🙂


Pixi By Petra Skintreat Duo (Glow Tonic & Glow Mud Cleanser) – £28



Last but not least we have this gorgeous skin care duo from Pixi, the glow tonic is definitely something I’ve wanted to try for quite a while now and is actually on my Christmas list this year! The Glow Tonic claims to ‘Dissolve dead skin cells and reveal the radiance beneath’ along side this, the Glow Mud Cleanser claims ‘melt the ‘glue’ that binds dulling dead cells and debris to the skin’s surface’ so it’s a nice little gift for someone who loves skin care or loves looking after the skin in general, we all should to be honest guys 😉 haha! you can no doubt find some great reviews of these products on YouTube just give it a search and you will find so many popping up! if you wanna have a little look at it for yourself here is the link


And that is the end of the post guys 😦 I do hope you’ve enjoyed it I tried to put so much effort into it and share some really good ideas I found. I understand that for some people £30 is a little pricey so I have a cheaper but still amazing gift guide coming up on Sunday for you all, so make sure you’re following so you get that notification when it goes live. If you have done a gift guide on your blog I’d love for you to leave a link below so I can check it out and see what great things other people have found 🙂 have you tried any of these products? if so what is your opinion on them, do you think you would buy any of these for someone else? leave a comment below with your thoughts!

see you soon,

Meghan x





3 Beauty Products You Need This Party Season🎄💄

Hello everyone!! Welcome back once again to another blog post hope you’re enjoying December so far, for today’s post I wanted to share a few products that have become some of my favourtie things in my make up collection over time. There’s 2 which have been there for a while but then the other I’m going to be talking about is something that’s just recently been added to my list. As it is the season of giving I’m all about that “treat yo self girl” so if I was you I’d buy yourself a present after all we’ve got to have a treat at some point right? So without me rambling on lets get right into it…

The first thing I want to speak about is this Kat Von D – Shade And Light Contour Pallet I know this is a little pricey but it’s worth the extra for the quality of this.

This retails for £37 so when I say treat yourself this really is a treat haha! The pigment on this is incredible and a little goes a long way. You get 3 highlight shades and 3 contour colours, I believe there’s also a cream version but I’m not a huge fan of cream products hence I bought this one.

 As you can see above on the top row we have 3 matte highlight shades and from left to right the shades are levitation which is more of a pink undertone colour, we then have lyric which is inbetween shades of yellow and transparent I wanna say, then the last of the 3 is lucid which is a shade for darker skin tones and more on the peachy side of colours.

Underneath we have the 3 contour shades and from left to right once again we have subcontious which is has a cool undertone, then there’s the shade shadowplay which is a gorgeous bronze colour and would work amazing on any skin tone, last but not least we have sombre which is a contour shade for darker skin tones. The shades in this pallet i use are lyric to give me a base of matte highlight ready for the shimmer highlight later on, I then use subcontious to contour, and to finish off I bronze with shadowplay. Now I cannot praise this pallet enough, when I first bought it back in June and then I used it I was really surprised at how pigmented it was and how much little product you need to complete your look, these powders are literally like butter they just melt into the skin and blend effortlessly.


The next product which is a must have for all year round! is what I have wanted to try for so long and I finally got my hands on it a few weeks back and that is the Sleek – Solstice Palette and considering this is only £9.99 its an absolute bargain! So in this we get 2 baked powders, one luxurious cream formula and one silky shimmer powder. 


This packaging is insane!!😍 it closes on a magnetic clip and it feels so luxurious for a drugstore brand they really have amazing packaging. I recently tried out some sleek eyeshadows as well so no doubt they’ll be a little review coming up at some point, the highlight is absolutely stunning and blinding!! 20171201_125631.jpg

My favourtie shade in the palette is the bottom shade on the image below, it gives you a nice champagne colour and would work amazing on any skin tones. 20171201_125718.jpg


Last but not least something that my look would not be complete without it is the Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray 

Now if you’ve been here a while and read my other posts you’ll know how much I rave about this product and how much i tell you guys that if you’re going to buy a high end product that is worth all of the money this is the one! I’ve been using this setting spray for about 2 years now and I’ve tried other sprays and none of them work like this one I promise you, this costs £23.50 so it’s pricey but not going to break the bank. It’s super refreshing and make up does not move at all this is the one thing I absolutely cannot do my make up without.



That’s all I have for you in this post I do hope you’ve enjoyed it, I seriously cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner its came so quickly and I’m super excited for it, what are you all thinking of the Christmas make over on here? Are you liking it or is there anything you would change or do better? I’ll take ideas so don’t be worried to let me know your true thoughts 😂 over the next couple weeks I’ve got some gift guides to come out I’m going to try posting on Wednesdays and Sunday’s whilst on the lead up until Christmas as I just have so much to share with you all. But for now I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post if you have don’t forget to give it a like and follow my page so you don’t miss the next post!!

See you all soon,

Meghan 😊 x




A Cure For Insomnia?

Hiii everyone! Before we get started I just wanted to apologise for not uploading on Sunday I’ve had a few things on and it’s been a little hectic. Also last week I picked up a product which as soon as I tried it I knew instantly I had to share it with you guys and knew that it was worth waiting a few extra days for a new post for you all to read. If you’re anything like myself, as soon as you get into bed and put your head on the pillow to sleep every thought pop’s into your head and boom…It’s 2am and you’re wondering why on one side of a spoon your reflection is the normal way up but on the other its upside down? Why do I think this?? I haven’t a clue 😂

So recently I went into LUSH which I’m sure everyone has heard of, they do amazing products and the shop always smells incredible. All products are 100% cruelty free which is absolutely amazing, I’ve been a huge fan of this shop ever since I was little and I used to go in every now and then to pick out a bath bomb and stuff like that. when I visited last week there was a lovely woman who helped me out as the store was absolutely packed (more than usual) and I did originally go in for one thing which is my all time favourite product from lush and it only comes around once a year and that’s the famous Snow Fairy Shower Gel but as I was informed she told me all about the other products which have the Snow Fairy formula in so obviously I had to check them out, I ended up purchasing the Snow Fairy Shower Gel and the Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap  but I’ll probably speak about these n another post. The main product I wanted to speak about today is the Sleepy Body Lotion which I had heard youtubers speak about a while back, so when I saw this in store I picked it up immediately this cost me £7.95 for the 95g tub which is the smallest I believe you can buy it in.

I seem to have tried so many products to help with sleep, from balms to spray nothing has ever worked for me, so you can understand the first night I tested out the cream I was a little sceptical of it. The main ingredients are lavender oil and oatmeal and I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of lavender myself but I’m at the point that ill try anything to help me have a decent nights sleep, so I applied the lotion on each wrist and the smell was really sweet I don’t want to say strong because I feel like the oatmeal cancels out the strong scent of lavender. To my surprise I was actually asleep within 10-15 minutes which FYI never happens! I was confused as to whether on not I had just had a long day or this had actually worked, so again the following night I applied the lotion once again and guess what…IT WORKED AGAIN!! I have no idea how lush have pulled this off but my god what an amazing product. and the best thing about it, it has a sprinkle of shimmer when you first open the pot. 20171129_163650.jpg

as you can see it is very subtle (and yes I have used product around it as its so pretty to look at haha!) and you all know I love a bit of sparkle guys!

I’ve used this for just over a week now and I can say its really helping me have a better nights sleep and the aroma makes you feel so relaxed, I’ll definitely be repurchasing this is in the bigger tub when I’ve used all of this one.




That’s all I have for you guys for this post, I do hope you’ve enjoyed it make sure you’re following so you get a notification when I next post! what’s your favourite product from lush? let me know in the comments down below. Also this weekend its finally December!! look out for the Christmas make over on the blog and some festive posts coming up!

see you soon,

Meghan 🙂 X


My Everyday 10 Minute Make-Up 💋

In the voice of RuPaul, Hello Hello Hello!! Welcome back to my blog, it honestly doesn’t feel like 5 minutes since I posted the last one, this year is going in so quickly. Something I’ve wanted to share with you all since I started doing this blog is what my every day make up routine is, it’s only fair after all make up is the main reason I’m sharing my thoughts with you all so it’s about time I told you guys what kind of products I use on a daily basis. Before I do get into the post I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported me so far in this journey, I’ve found so many amazing blogs and people who are on the same journey I am. Each time I post my follower count just seems to increase and that’s what keeps making me want to write more knowing you guys truly like what I’m posting about, and it does mean a lot. So before we get the tissues out and become emotional 😂 without further ado lets get into the post…
Okay so the first thing I use in my make up routine (after I’ve moisturised and all that) is Primer and recently I remembered I had one in my draw that I was yet to try, up until lately I was using my trustworthy Smashbox Photo Finish and then I tried out my current one which is the Stila One Step Correct 

 I’m still undecided about this being a holy grail product as I have only used it a few times so there isn’t a lot I can say, the consistency isn’t runny or thick it’s like somewhere in between and it doesn’t have a scent to it I personally don’t think. This is the travel size which I purchased for £8 I think it was? I bought this a while back so, I will keep using it to see if I can class this as a holy grail and if the full size product which retails for £24 is worth the splurge, after applying this the redness on my face doesn’t seem to have calmed down but my skin looks more glowing.



The next thing I do, is apply foundation and for this I use the DHC Q10 Liquid Base Make-Up which I actually wrote a review on a while back (I’ll leave the link below If you want to see my full review on this) and I seriously cannot praise this product enough!! I can honestly tell you that this has changed my full make up routine.

20171102_135117.jpgI have not used any of my other foundations ever since I tried this, for me I like to look for something with medium coverage and is long wearing. The coverage is medium/full but still looks so natural on the skin and if you’re pale like myself you know the struggle to get a decent foundation that matches the colour of your neck without using a full compact of bronzer!! 😂 I have this in the shade  Natural Ocher 00 which is the lightest shade you can get this in I believe, the consistency is quite liquidy if you get me and a little bit goes a long way. Before I found this I did use foundations from Bare Minerals and Revlon. Which I still love but I haven’t reached for them since I received this one, this is hard to get your hands on I have found but I believe it retails for $29 Which works out about £22 in the UK. It lasts so long and makes the rest of your products go on so much smoother and really gives you that flawless base to make your make up last and look incredible!

After doing that I use my NYX Colour Correcting Pallet, which retails for £10.50 over here. Now for everyday I do just like a little bit of coverage and something to try make me look at least half decent, my pallet is really messy with using the colours so I’ll show you a spare one that I take with me if I travel anywhere so it’s only been used a little and looks a lot better haha!

As you can see on the image above I use the shade middle on the right. This product is really good and it does a reasonable job to hide those places where you want a bit more coverage.










I then go in with my concealer and for this I use the urban decay naked skin in the shade fair neutral 

I absolutely love this product, it’s very lightweight on the skin and the coverage is amazing! I can use this around my nose area (without the colour corrector) where I have a bit more redness and It covers it absolutely perfect. It really brightens the under eye as well. This retails for £19 in the UK so it is a little pricey but definitely worth the splurge.






After applying my base i set everything in place with powder. Now I do tend to switch up which product I use, if I’m in a rush I like to use the Soap and Glory one heck of a blot translucent setting powder  

This leaves the face looking smooth and matte and we know the struggle of getting a powder what doesn’t flash back in photographs but in my opinion this has NO FLASH BACK yes you heard me right!! I love soap and glory products but I think this is my favourtie thing ever from the brand, it’s definitely a great everyday wear and great to take with you for touch ups throughout the day. This retails for £12 so it’s a bit more pricey for a drugstore powder but it’s definitely one worth spending that little extra pounds on.


Or when I’m spending a bit more time on my make up and making a bit more of an effort I like to use the RCMA No Colour Powder 

Which is around the £13 price mark, I heard one of my favourtie youtubers Michael Finch speak about this so long ago and he was raving about it and I knew instantly I wanted to try this, few months later this appeared on beauty bay and it went straight in the basket. Let me tell you… OH MY GOD I never knew I could be so in love with a powder!!😍 you’re probably thinking I’m crazy talking like this about a powder but this really is the shit, a little bit goes a long way, it’s not got flashback, it makes you look airbrushed without looking fake if that makes sense?😂 and it makes the skin so much smoother and velvety it’s insane!!


Time to add a little bit of colour back into the face which only means one thing…Bronzer. Now for this I use the urban decay beached bronzer in the shade sunkissed. 

And I’m not gonna lie this is the best bronzer I seem to have found for pale skin, it’s not orange but it’s not cool toned I can’t explain it but just know it’s somewhere in-between if that makes sense?😂 sadly I have hardly any of this left which does break my heart but I can see myself definitely purchasing again, I feel like it’s got a little bit of a scent and it kind of reminds me of fake tan?? I love the smell of fake tan don’t get me wrong, but am I the only one? Let me know if you like the smell of it too and that I’m not the only one hahaha! This retails for £19 but again it’s urban decay and worth the money. Also for a day to day wear I like to run this through the crease of my eye and add a little bit of highlighter later on to make me look a bit more awake.


Adding a pop of colour onto the cheeks its time for Blusher. For this my all time favourite is definitely the NYX Baked Blush in the shade 06 wanderlust 


I think I paid around £7.50 for this? I’m not 100% sure but it wasn’t anything crazy, I feel like blusher is something you never ever run out of, like you could buy a blush and still be using it in 50 years time (don’t do that btw guys)😂 this has a lovely shimmer to it, nothing over the top its just something that gives you a healthy glow.

I then like to do my favourite step which is Highlight I absolutely love doing this and sometimes I go a little over board but I would bathe in it if I could haha! My go to highlighter is definitely Mary-lou’manizer’ from The Balm. 

I’ve used this so many times and as you can see on the image above it still looks like new!! This is a golden champagne highlight and the texture is very creamy and easy to blend. It looks amazing on the skin and it’s really easy to build up, this retails for £19 but I did manage to get my hands on this whilst it was on sale so I only paid £13 for this which is an absolute bargain! As I said earlier I like to put a little highlight on the middle of my eye lid and on the inner corner as it makes you look more awake. 

The mascara I use is the MAC False Lash Waterproof and this was hard to get a photo of as I’ve used it that much the writing is fading from the packaging so I’ve just got one off Google to show you which one it is

 I absolutely swear by this mascara, the price is £19 and worth every penny!! I’ve tried drugstore ones and don’t get me wrong I’ve liked them but in the end I always come back to this one. It’s super long wearing and does not move all day, but what makes it even better is that it’s the only waterproof mascara I’ve found that lasts all day but is easy to remove at the end of the day when taking the rest of your make up off. It’s honestly like magic, I tend to find that after a while my eyes can become irritated for some reason I think I may have a bit of sensitivity when it comes to products such as this but this mac one seems to be the only one which doesn’t affect me.


Now I know you’re probably thinking “wait where is the brow step in this” and you might be shocked but I actually don’t do anything to my brows apart from brush them that’s one thing I love about my eyebrows, they’ve always been quite dark and they’re thick so all I do is brush them to make sure there’s no make up that’s gotten into them but apart from that I don’t do anything.

Almost to the end of my routine and it’s time for lips so before we apply lipstick I like to use some Lip Balm as I find when wearing this underneath it helps the staying power. So my all time favourite is the Palmers Cocoa Butter formula Lip Balm 20171102_134926.jpg

I frigging love love loveeeee this! Palmers is definitely a brand that never fails to amaze me, I have other products from them as well which I might mention more sometime in the future if you guys wanted? But I think you can pick this up from anywhere, i got mine from Superdrug and I paid £1.99 for it, it’s definitely my all time favourite lip balm! It’s lightweight and feels extremely moisturising. And the scent of this is insane😍 I love the smell of the all the Palmers products though so😂

After applying the lip balm its time for lipstick and I tend to switch between 2 at the minute, the first one is my all time favourite which is velvet teddy by mac 

This my go to nude, I know there was a huge hype around this a while back and it sort of died down but I’m still obsessed with it now! Again there’s something about the scent of mac lipsticks that I absolutely love, I can’t explain it but if you get me then you know what I’m saying. This retails for £16.50 and it’s one of those shades what i think is my lips but better colours.






The other lipstick which I bought like a week ago what is great for a day to day use is the Rimmel London Kate in the shade boho nude 

I found this in the sale when I was in my local asda recently, and when I looked at the price it was only £3.80 and for that price I couldn’t resist, I mean come on?? It’s a bargain! I’ve only used this a couple times hence why it still looks like new but even when I first tried it on I knew instantly I loved it. I would describe this as a pale nude which is very natural for everyday.

Last but not least I seal in my Make-Up with setting spray and for this I use the same product I have for the past 2 or 3 years (Don’t worry I’ve repurchased 😂) and that is the Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray 

20171102_134638.jpgIf you’re looking for a new setting spray this is my holy grail product, if this wasn’t in my collection I don’t know how I would be living! I first tried this when it was my prom in high school and at the end of the night my make up literally looked the same I was shook. From then on I’ve never looked back, I’ve tried other sprays from drugstore and again I’ve always gone back to this one, it’s super cooling and very hydrating. I’ve recommended this to so many people or when I’ve done make up for close friend/family member I’ve used this on them and always had great feedback from it saying how the make up lasted all night and things. The price of this is £23.50 So again its pricey, but it’s something I can’t see myself living without now.


And that guys is my everyday 10 Minute Make-Up its nothing glamourous, its simple and quick to get me through the day. I know some products are a little pricey but I am I sucker for high end make up and love the luxury of it! I might do a full glam look in the future if that’s something you guys would want to see? Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, what is your favourite everyday product? Let me know in the comments! From next week the blog will be getting its Christmas make over which I’m really excited for not gonna lie, and I’ll be posting gift guides and maybe even some Christmas craft ideas? So keep your eyes peeled for those! Don’t forget if you enjoyed this post make sure to give it a like and follow the blog so you get a notification next time I post! ❤

Thank you all so much for reading, and I’ll see you again next week with another post! 😘

Meghan x 😊

DHC Liquid Base Make-Up (full review) –

Krispy Kreme Cosmetics?! 

Well here’s a post i never ever imagined writing, hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Yes you read the title right, today we are going to be talking about the new collection from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts they have released a different product range from their mouth watering treats…cosmetics!! When I first heard the news I was literally shook, I googled it as I thought *what this cannot be right?* but to my surprise this was true, I saw online that there was products ranging from lip balms to nail varnish sets and instantly I knew I needed to get my hands on at least 1 product from this range. I was able to get the Lip Balm Trio Set which retails for £7 here in the UK which for 3 products is quite a good deal. So this is what the packaging looks like


It literally looks like your packaging what you get your doughnut in, I think the tins are a little bit plain but I can’t see what else they could’ve done without the classic images of the doughnuts, Each tin has 10g of product so it’s going to last a while.

So the flavours of these are strawberry glaze, original glaze and chocolate sprinkles. To me the strawberry and chocolate smell very similar if not the same and the original does have a slight different scent to it, they all have a shimmer look in the tin but when applied to the lips this does not show up it doesn’t look like you have anything on and to me personally I can’t see any colour pigment coming from them.


On Boots UK website the description says “Give your lips a treat with this yummy Krispy Kreme Lip Balm Trio! This Christmas gift includes 3 x delicious smelling lip balms in 3 delicious tins! Including Strawberry Gloss, Original Glazed and Chocolate Sprinkles. They are perfectly sized to fit in your handbag or on your dressing table.
These lustrous Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla lip balms will make your lips shine. Apply a small amount to lips to get a sweet smile.
Read more at”

20171104_174923.jpgSo this is what the product looks like inside of the tin, as you can see there is a slight shimmer but nothing too dramatic. also please excuse the dent in the far left one the lid was a bitch to get off and I caught my nail in it *sighs* I feel you need to have a few swipes of this to pick up a reasonable amount of product as well.

my favourite one out of the trio is definitely the Strawberry Glaze just because of the colour mainly, I wouldn’t buy these products as an everyday lip balm but if you’re like me and enjoy quirky things like this then I definitely recommend, and especially for £7 you can’t grumble really. If you want to check these out click here unfortunately I haven’t saw these stocked in other stores in the UK but if you have seen them anywhere else definitely let me know! and also make sure you check out the other products from the new range.

That’s all I have for you guys this week, I do hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you have don’t forget to follow the blog so you get a notification when I post the next one. These next few weeks I will be giving the blog a little Christmas make over so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that! some gift guides coming your way soon too. I’ll see you again next week with another blog post,

Meghan 🙂 x

Clinique Great Skin 1-2-3 Intro Kit

Hello everyone welcome back to another blog post, I hope you’re all doing wonderful! I’m going to be telling you guys all about my new skin care routine which I’ve been using for about a week now so I feel it’s a good time for my opinion. I’ve never really had an issue with my skin even going through my teen years (even though I’m only 18) I did however have a huge break out when I was about 13 or 14 and I think everyone goes through the stages of acne, it’s normal and everyone had or has acne. I recently noticed that my skin felt really bumpy in certain places and I wasn’t sure what was going on, so me being that person who Google’s everything (bad thing to do) and I searched online for something that I could test out which would help me. I’ve always used the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, as my skin is super sensitive and this was the only one I found that didn’t irritate me. Along side this I also used the Simple Soothing Toner and up until recently they’ve done me good I’m not gonna deny that, but about 6 or 7 weeks ago I realised I was using these products and my skin seemed to be getting worse. So I decided that I was going to read up on different products as I feel you need to have something that can help with all of your skin care needs to get that healthy glow back. I done quizzes and everything and then I actually came across a website which for some reason I completely forgot about and that is clinique. I went onto their website and their products are a little pricey so I was a little bit inbetween thoughts whether or not to purchase something, but then I found a little quiz where you just enter a few details about yourself  and it comes up with products that is recommended for your skin type, and the best thing about this is there is 4 different skin type collections! It’s a simple and quick quiz that takes no more than 5 minutes and if you’re just curious you don’t even have to enter your email or sign up to get the results which is hassle free, the skin types are :

  • Very Dry To Dry
  • Dry Combination 
  • Combination Oily 
  • Oily 

The skin type I got was dry combination and I agreed with that, I’ve always suffered from really bad dry skin especially on my nose. When I was scrolling through the recommended products that came up I saw this little kit which was only £10 and not gonna lie I was quite shocked that the intro kit was so cheap, I know clinique is a very luxurious brand and I had heard of so many good reviews of their skin care so I thought why not? 

As soon as my kit arrived I was so excited to try it out, also as well as it only costing £10 I also got a free sample of my choice at the checkout and FREE DELIVERY WOOOOO it keeps getting better and better!! 😂 When i opened the box I was surprised to see that the 3 products were a decent size as well. In the kit you get : 

    • * Liquid Facial Soap Mild, 1.0 fl. oz. / 30ml


    • * Clarifying Lotion Twice A Day Exfoliator 2, 2.0 fl. oz. / 60ml


    • * Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™, 1.0 fl. oz. / 30ml


They advise you to use these products 2 times a day and takes 3 minutes, so use these morning and night but if you forget or only use once a day don’t worry it’s not the end of the world! 

Step 1 –  

20171021_171810.jpgSo first we are staring with the liquid facial soap, to me this hasn’t got any scent to it and it’s really refreshing. I dampen my face before and then I put a small amount of this on my hands and then gentley rub all around my face, then I rinse off the product. This is my favourtie from the trio so far as I feel it’s the most refreshing product and especially in the morning when I look like something from the walking dead its a god send! 

STEP 2 – 

20171021_171827.jpgI’m still not 100% sure on this one just yet, I do feel like it makes my skin feel more nourished after using the soap before hand but the smell on this thing to me is far to chemically, you know the hand sanitizer that’s in hospitals? That’s what this stuff smells like to me not gonna lie. But besides that it feels very cooling and refreshing and I’m still going to keep using it and hopefully I can get used to the smell, i only place a small amount of this onto a cotton pad and wipe all over the face.

Step 3 –

20171021_171835.jpgI have to admit this was the step I was most excited for, I’ve heard so many good things about the moisturiser from clinique so I was looking forward to finally trying this for myself. With this a little bit goes a long way which makes me think this little tube will last a while! *bonus* It’s so moisturizing and again doesn’t have a scent to it just like the soap. When I first started to rub it in I was a little bit shocked because it seemed to be really thick and didn’t look like it was rubbing in so I had one of those “oh shit” moments but then I realised it was sinking into the skin and I was very relieved haha! I’ve also reason to believe you can buy this product in gel form which sounds interesting. 

Overall I think these products have been improving my skin, the redness has gone down and I’ve noticed nearly all the little bumps have calmed down and more or less gone. For £10 it’s an absolute bargain and I’m so glad to have come across it, If you’re looking for new skin care products or just fancy a change head on over to their website here ➡️ and take the skin diagnosis quiz see what products are recommended for you and then maybe treat yourself to a little kit! I’m super impressed with the outcome so far and such little product goes a very long way, its definitely worth checking out. 

Before I end this post I just wanted to tell you guys about a brand I recently came across called ” Infinity Of London ” which has some amazing jewellery pieces at great prices, I was recently contacted from them letting me know there is a sale on for new customers when you get to the checkout use the code “new20″ and you get 20% off your order! Also check them out here on Twitter: Take a look at INFINITY LONDON (@infintyoflondon): and their website is

Thank you so much for reading this post I do hope you’ve enjoyed it, let me know if you use any clinique products in the comments down below or what products work best for you. I thought I would try posting mid week as well as the weekend just to see how I get on with it so yeah, that’s all I have for you guys in the post, thank you so much for reading if you’ve enjoyed it don’t forget to follow the blog so you get a notification next time I post and I’ll see you again soon! 😊

Meghan x 

DHC Q10 Liquid Base Make Up And Face Colour Palette Review.

Hello everyone! welcome back to another blog post. I hope you’re doing well and had a great few days since I last posted, for today’s post I thought I would tell you guys about a couple of products I recently came across from the Japanese skin care brand DHC. Back in July I was very kindly gifted these incredible products by an amazing woman called Faye who is head of the hair and make up department on a TV show  here in the UK, when I was on set chatting with her she kindly gave me these products to bring home and try. When I see new make up and brands I’ve never tried before I’m like a kid in a toy shop…IN HEAVEN!! on the way home I was googling and searching trying to find reviews from other people and I was quite shocked that there was basically nothing came up, which makes me think that not many people have tried this brand? they also have a skin care range which I’m hoping to get my hands on a few things soon to try them out, after the results from the make up I have very high hopes. Anyways let’s get in to this review…

DHC Q10 BASE MAKE-UP ~ £25 20171006_185629.jpg

Now this for me is so far my holy grail product, I’m a huge fan of bare minerals complexion rescue and the Revlon colour stay but since the day I tried this I’ve picked it up every time I’ve gone to do my make up. Being pale skinned always makes me weary when I use new products (especially ones I’ve never heard of) but I use this in the shade Natural Ocher 00 which I’m guessing is the palest shade, and honestly I can say this is the best match I’ve had to my skin colour. Since the day I tried this I’ve never looked back! I can’t even remember the last time I used my other face products. When I searched online for this product I found that it said “To Be Discontinued” my heart literally sunk, so me being the obsessive person I am I went on a huge hunt to find some bottles of this (I haven’t run out yet but you can never be too sure right? 😉 ) and little did I know they have recently brought out a newer updated version of this, how it can be updated I don’t know because this is already I N C R E D I B L E trust me.

I found that the newer version of this was only available in the US so I’m going to wait and see if it comes to the UK any time soon. If you want to check out the newer version I’ll leave the link here

whilst searching i finally found a few remaining products on a website here in the uk which I am over the moon with!! i know for a foundation you might never have heard of it is a bit pricey but its worth every single penny you spend, not only does it do the job for coverage but this is packed with ingredients to improve your skin such as Collagen, Elastin etc. I’m not too sure how people with oily skin will find this as it is described more for dry skin types. The staying power of this is phenomenal, with me having the anxiety obviously there comes panic attacks which involves sweating so for me when looking for products I need something that claims to be longwearing and I didn’t really see this on the bottle but when I tried it along with my urban decay setting spray this did not move from my face at all, even by my glasses it hadn’t rubbed off and still looked as fresh as it did when I first put it on, which actually came as a shock to me because no matter what every other product seemed to come off where my glasses had been. The coverage is also amazing I suffer from a bit of redness on my cheeks and this covers it no bother and it feels so lightweight and natural and just gives you that fresh glow. if you live here in the UK you can purchase this product on the link up above, the only downside to this is there is only 3 shades which is actually a shame because I feel if there were to be more shades more people would be using this product, so hopefully they com out with more in the future! 



There isn’t much I can say about a blush, I think everyone knows that it helps give you that pop of colour back into your cheeks and just helps make your skin look more healthier and glowing. this for me isn’t my favourite blusher and unlike the foundation this isn’t something I reach for every day, I feel the colour has to be built up for it to actually look okay but it is great for that every day casual no make up look, and again it’s full of great ingredients for the skin. For me my absolute favourite is the NYX baked blushes which I will probably talk about in another post, but I can’t see myself purchasing this blush in the future. again I could not find this anywhere on sale but I do know they have other blushes available so check them out here


And that’s it for today’s post guys! I hope you have enjoyed it I do apologise for it being short. I’m so glad that I’ve come across this brand because it’s now one of my favourites and hopefully in the future I’ll try out more of their products and skin care range. What makes this brand more interesting for me is the face that everything they create is full of things that help nourish your skin and improve appearance of that natural glow. If you have enjoyed this post please don’t forget to give it a like and follow my blog so you get a notification next time I post, the next few weeks I’m going to be posting Halloween things so make sure you stay tuned! leave a comment below if you have tried any of the DHC products and let me know your thoughts on them.

Also before I do sign out I just want to leave a link here for a friend of mine who recently started YouTube and can I just say he is doing incredible, he uploads daily and it would mean a lot if you guys could go over and check his channel out, subscribe and like to his videos. The link to the channel is and it’s definitely worth subscribing too!

Thank you guys for reading and I’ll see you again soon with another blog post,

Meghan x


The Body Shop Favourite’s

Hi everyone welcome back to another blog post, for this weeks post I’m going to talk about some products from one of my favourite shops ever…The Body Shop. This is one of my most favourite places ever to shop at, they’re cruelty free and use all natural products. They also have a manifesto “Enrich Not Exploit” which includes 14 targets for themselves which they want to achieve by 2020, I’ll leave a link below if you would like to read up more about it. I’ve been a huge fan of their products ever since I tried one of their lip balms about 10 years ago! I still remember my 8 year old self walking into a store full of glorious smells and wanting to buy everything in front of me. I did start to write a list of different products I could talk to you guys about but, I realised I had nearly a full page of A4 paper filled and I was nowhere near finished (oops) I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed. Anyways grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and I hope you enjoy this post!

  • Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm – Strawberry  ~ £2.50                       

                                                                                  Now I know this isn’t on the photo of my products above, but I couldn’t not talk about it, after all this little pot is what set off my obsession! I have tried so many balms over the years no matter what I always end up purchasing a lip balm wherever I am, can you really ever have enough?? This pot of joy smells delicious, it smells so good that I could eat it! Even when I have applied it I can be sat smelling the tub for a while after as it smells that good…REALLY!!  These lip balms also come in a variety of flavours such as raspberry, watermelon etc. Check them out here                                                               


  • Coconut Shimmer Body Butter ~ £15 20170926_172649.jpg(?)

Unfortunately I do have reason to believe that this product has been discontinued *boo’s very loudly* but I was very lucky to receive this from a friend as part of a hamper I got given for my birthday. I remember having this a couple years ago and when I went to restock I could not for the life of me find it anywhere, so when I opened my gift and found this little gem I was over the moon. I know you’re probably thinking I must be mad being this excited by a moisturiser, but what makes it that bit more exciting is the shimmer…yes shimmer! (not that tacky shimmer cream you used to buy when you were little) this is gorgeous, it has a pearlescent sheen to it and gives your skin that subtle glow when you use it. It looks especially great in the summer, and the smell is divine. I’m not exactly sure on the price but I know their other large body butter tubs are around the £15 price range, its such a shame its been discontinued hopefully it’ll come back one day!


i have put both of these products together as i feel  they work best for me when I use them together. It’s not something great to talk about, but i get quite bad dry skin on my feet and its so annoying to keep on top of.  But ever since I purchased these items and got into the routine of exfoliating and then moisturising, I have to admit my feet are starting to look and feel so much better, I’ve only been using these for a few months so I’m looking forward to seeing if they still do the job in these upcoming winter months.


  • Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ~ £10        




when I first heard about cleansing butters I was a little bit sceptical of the whole thing but I have to say when I finally got round to trying one for myself it actually worked really well, I tend to go for products I know won’t irritate my skin and make it all red and blergh! I’m sure you know what I mean, but yeah this is great if you also suffer from sensitive skin. its very soothing and the scent when you open the tin is very refreshing. I use this after I’ve taken off my make up to just help my skin feel better and make sure all of the make up is gone and I have a fresh face, I’ve also heard a few youtubers talk about using this to clean make up brushes so I might have to give it a go, if you’ve tried using it to clean brushes leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out for you! mean while if you’re wanting to purchase this do check it out here              


  • Virgin Mojito Shower Gel ~ £ (?)           20170926_172515-e15068056467051.jpg   

for some reason I cant find this range anymore on the website anymore so again I think this product may be discontinued? I’m not sure on the price but it think it will be around the £5-£8 range? there’s not much I can really tell you guys about a shower gel but the body shop ones never fail to impress me. They don’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry they’re always moisturising and the scents are to die for!!  





This for me is something quick and easy that you can spray on or under make up if you’re running out the door or you forget to moisturise. its really refreshing and hydrating and claims to work on all skin types, I cant say if it does that as I do only suffer from mostly dry skin but it holds up well on my sensitive skin and doesn’t make me itchy or my redness come out so that’s a plus. Also for you *lazy* guys and gals out there its also great for wetting your beauty blender if the bathroom is too far away 😉 if you’d like to check this out here is the link


   If you’re pale skinned like myself, this bronzer is exactly what you’re looking for! I first tried this about 2 years ago and there was only 2 shades out then but now I believe they have 5 shades!! yes 5 how crazy is that! the shade I use is 01 but no matter your skin colour you could pull these bronzers off. be sure to check them out



  • Body Shop Beauty Sponge    20170926_172515-e1506805646705

Once again I do apologise as I couldn’t find this on the website, but I have got a couple of these sponges which I always keep in my make up bag as the shape of them (kind of like a parallelogram) is very handy to set under eye concealer with my RCMA No Colour Loose Powder, I don’t like to use them to blend out concealer and things as they’re a bit to solid if that makes sense like they’re not very flexible.




As I said earlier on The Body Shop have there manifesto “Enrich Not Exploit”  and I did promise to leave a link for you to check it out so I’d give it a read its definitely worth it. They also have a petition currently running which is for Against Animal Testing as you know The Body Shop is all natural which is excellent and I think more brands needs to follow in their footsteps, please make sure to go sign it here and comment down below to let me know when you’ve done it. Another thing I need to tell you guys that I love about this shop is they always have great offers on, whether it be spend £50 and get £25 off or a % off its always worth the while as the products are such great quality so make sure you head on over to the website to check out these awesome deals! Another awesome thing is they actually run a membership club where you can earn points, get freebies and other amazing deals The Body Shop claims “For every £1 you spend in store or online, the scheme gives you 10 points. Those 10 points are the equivalent of 10p towards your next voucher. When you have 500 points you’ll receive a £5 voucher!” you also receive a special gift in your birthday month which you can retrieve in any The Body Shop stores! check out their membership club here

Anyways guys I’m going to bring this post to an end as I’ve rambled on enough now and if I keep writing we will both be here forever! haha, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have don’t forget to give it a like and follow me so you get notified next time I post 🙂 leave me a comment below if you have some of The Body Shop favourites and what you liked best or would like to try. Enjoy the coming week and ill see you all again soon.

Meghan X